Public ( Individual ) & In-House Training Programs

Best Lean Six Sigma Programmes in Malaysia

Best Lean Six sigma Programmes in Malaysia and Asia at very affordable price for your business or company. We offer a range of customized as well as public training ranging from Six Sigma, Lean, Quality & Soft Skills Programmes
Six Sigma Malaysia offers a range of Six Sigma, Lean, Quality and Soft Skills, Training and Consultancy Programmes.

Six Sigma Malaysia was founded to improve the competitive position of its customers by promoting the implementation of Business Process Improvement Methodologies such as Six Sigma and Lean whilst equipping the participants with a range of quality management tools and soft skills. Six Sigma Malaysia is a young and dynamic company where the company was founded by individuals that were actively involved in a wide range of projects in organizations mainly from the industrial, services and public sectors.

Six Sigma Malaysia provides expertise in practical tools, techniques and methodologies for attaining and maintaining competitive position and quality leadership. We know how to provide tailored solutions to meet specific customer needs while delivering world-class services in areas of Lean Six Sigma. Our trainers have decades of experience in delivering these courses to various industries in Malaysia and Overseas. Courses are delivered by certified consultants who have spent years in the industry, solving real-life problems in organizations. Our courses are designed to be dynamic. They are combined with theory, lectures, case studies, exercises, games and workshops.

Six Sigma Core Training

Yellow Belt , Green Belt & Black Belt

Other Courses

Statistical Analysis Tools , Quality Function Deployment , Lean Enterprise Service Manufacturing , Root Cause Analysis

Certified CPR / First Aid / Advanced First Aid / Life Support /
Emergency Responder Training Programs ( Malaysia )

We provide certified CPR & First Aid training program. We will show you how to perform the life saving techniques of CPR & First Aid. At the end of the training, a certificate will be issued to those who have completed the training. We also conduct advance training program such as First Responder Life Support. Interested to learn CPR and First Aid? Well, we provide CPR & First Aid training for individuals, families and also for private setups and companies. Medical Emergencies can happen anywhere, anytime. You have read the papers, kid died due to choking while eating a sweet, drowning, heart attack, jellyfish stings…and so on….Knowing CPR and First Aid can save lives, who knows…the life you save may be your love ones! We also provide certified training for private companies who require these sort of training for certification purpose.

Certified First Aid Programs

Certified CPR & First Aid Program
This program is meant for companies who wants their staff to be certified in First Aid. It also touches a little bit on CPR as an extra knowledge for the trainees.

Certified CPR & First Aid Program
This certified program will give trainees complete knowledge on the life saving techniques of CPR and First Aid. They will undergo theory & practical sessions before going through examinations in order for them to get certified

CPR & First Aid Refresher Program
This Half Day Program is suitable for participants who has already undergone the complete CPR & First Aid Program more than 6 months ago. This program is meant to refresh the participants so that they do not loose touch of their earlier training.

CPR & FRLS Program Certification
This two days program is a complete training on CPR, First Aid & First Responder Life Support. Participants will undergo intensive theory & practical sessions including topics on altitude sickness, medical conditions and so on.

Microsoft Excel In – House ( Group ) Training Programs

Programmes Conducted by Hrdf / Psmb Certified Trainer

Our List of Courses:

Data Analysis Techniques Utilizing Microsoft Excel
Microsoft Excel Tips & Techniques for Increasing Office Productivity
Expert Users Advanced Excel Tools for Management Decision Making & Reporting
Utilizing Microsoft Excel Dashboards for Reporting
Creating & Analyzing Databases using Microsoft Excel
Utilizing Microsoft Excel for Human Resources Management
Utilizing Microsoft Excel for Marketing Management
Application of Microsoft Excel for Hotel Management
Application of Microsoft Excel’s Financial Functions and Formulas
Cost Reduction Strategies using Excel Toolkits
Applied Excel for Banking and Finance
Decision Making Skills for Business Owners using Excel Toolkits
Financial Analysis and Modeling using Excel
Mastering Presentation Techniques using Microsoft Excel Charts and PowerPoint

Corporate & Hotel Grooming Training Malaysia

Grooming Training Malaysia’s number 1 and largest image consultancy. We are a full-service consulting firm, specializing in helping clients develop a strong first impression and brand identity, through wardrobe and image development, communication, etiquette and protocol skills. To date, we have trained over 60,000 individuals in corporations, large and small. With over hundreds of experiences in our range, we are passionate about living our mission in inspiring individuals to attain higher level of self achievement through cutting edge image & skills training.

Grooming Training Malaysia is registered with Ministry of Finance (MOF), Human Resource Development Berhad (HRDB) and Ministry of Human Resource (MOHR) as a training provider. Our facilitators are also registered with Institute of Bank-Bank Malaysia (IBBM). Internationally recognized and certified, Grooming Training malaysia is a member of Malaysian Association of Brand & Image Consultants (MABIC), The Association of Image Consultants International (AICI), The Federation of Image Consultants (TFIC), and the Association of Colourflair Consultants (MACC). In 2012, Grooming Training Malaysia has established The World’s First BrandImage International Institute, a joint collaboration with Open University Malaysia, and is now offering Certificates and Diplomas in Image Consultancy internationally.

Grooming Course