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Best Lean Six Sigma Programmes in Malaysia

MBizM Malaysia provides expertise in practical tools, techniques and methodologies for attaining and maintaining competitive position and quality leadership. We know how to provide tailored solutions to meet specific customer needs while delivering world-class services in areas of Lean Six Sigma. Our trainers have decades of experience in delivering these courses to various industries in Malaysia and Overseas. Courses are delivered by certified consultants who have spent years in the industry, solving real-life problems in organizations. Our courses are designed to be dynamic. They are combined with theory, lectures, case studies, exercises, games and workshops.

We understand what your company needs and are willing to help you achieve a higher ROI than ever before. Take this opportunity and see if your company can benefit from Six Sigma training, and if yes, you’ll find out why we are the Best Lean Six Sigma Programmes provider in Malaysia and Asia. You have nothing to risk.

Dr. Satnam Singh Trainer / Press Release & Accreditation’s

Six Sigma is a dynamic process whose sole aim is to diminish errors and enhance quality. Applying this approach to any project is achievable, either in manufacturing or any other departmental business process. The best solutions to its successful deployment consist of four six sigma belts (yellow, green, black & master) which describes the level of proficiency achieved. Each level has different strategy.

MBizM is not only specializing in LEAN and Six Sigma tools implementation and coaching, but we emphasize in leading participants in analyzing all related root causes evident by statistical analyzing tools. This will lead to a suitable application with right amount of recourses to troubleshoot issues and improve the probability of success.

By joining the coaching and training sessions in LEAN & Six Sigma with MbizM, we will lead you and your team to a systematic problem solving approaches which look for the actual root causes and relevant solution to improve any kind of processes. For in-house training, we provide 4 different stages of coaching to ensure the success of the implementation. We will go through with each participants for the tools and techniques used for process improvement and ensure the improvement implemented according to the standard.

After analyzing the data, MBizM consultants will lead you with a proper LEAN & Quality Management implementation which is crucial to ensure that the operation adopted is creditable with the result from the pilot study. LEAN & Quality Management is not only a business philosophy which has proven to be successful in eliminating waste, reducing costs, improving productivity and maintaining high levels of quality; it is also a quick fix solution to process/organizational problems

MBizM Malaysia offers a range of Six Sigma, Lean, Quality and Soft Skills Training.

  1. Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training with IASSC Certification
  2. Six Sigma Green Belt Public / Individual Course
  3. Six Sigma Black Belt Accelerated Training
  4. Quality Function Deployment Training
  5. Lean Manufacturing Course
  6. Root Cause Analysis Training and other Courses

Six Sigma – Consultancy Services

Project Identification Sessions
Project Selection Sessions
Project Coaching Sessions
Project Tollgate Sessions

Soft Skills

Conversational English for Working Adults
Business Communication Skills
Business Writing Skills
Finance for Non-Finance Executives and Managers

Minitab Statistical Software

Minitab is a software package that assists you to analyse data. Analysing data is an essential component of Six Sigma, predominantly in the Measure, Analyse and Control phases of DMAIC. Minitab provides an immediate, efficient solution for the level of analysis required in most Six Sigma projects.

Our Training Programme: Statistical Analysis Tools in Six Sigma (SATSS) Using Minitab

Used by more than 90% of fortune 100 companies, the world of Six Sigma relies on statistics and hard data to provide process improvement. With Minitab 17, this powerful tool helps in escalating business efficiency and quality through smart data analysis. With the innovative features, Minitab does not only look better but it also provides numerous profitable enhancements, including the ability to:
To analyse the practical problems into statistics solution which will reduce time and error
New features for exploring, visualizing, and manipulating your data
Subset your data based on conditional formats, change the font style and colour of individual cells and more.
With the support of Minitab, it enables the user to employ a series of tools, strategies, and data formats. Trained professionals are able to resolve problems within a process, how each problem can be rectified, execute the necessary changes, and then monitor the situation.