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Training Malaysia was founded on a simple yet powerful vision of enabling organizational development goals that enrich lives & create a better society. Our Training companies are registered with HRDF, specializing in conducting Public (Individual) & In – House (Group) training programs. We provide various training’s for your organization to choose from Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt, Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, CPR, Corporate Grooming, Microsoft Excel, Statistical Analysis Tools, Root Cause Analysis, Quality Function Deployment & Lean Enterprise Service Manufacturing.

{ Lean Six Sigma Training & Certification Malaysia }

Six Sigma CertificationMinistry Of FinanceIASSCHRDF

Six Sigma Malaysia offers a range of Six Sigma, Lean, Quality and Soft Skills, Training and Consultancy Programmes. Six Sigma Malaysia was founded to improve the competitive position of its customers by promoting the implementation of Business Process Improvement Methodologies such as Six Sigma and Lean whilst equipping the participants with a range of quality management tools and soft skills. Six Sigma Malaysia is a young and dynamic company where the company was founded by individuals that were actively involved in a wide range of projects in organizations mainly from the industrial, services and public sectors

Six Sigma Yellow Belt

The Yellow Belt Participants will have in depth knowledge of Lean Six Sigma and the five
phases applied in practical terms

Six Sigma Green Belt

The Green Belt Course is designed to improve process performance, deliver medium to
high impact projects and achieve significant cost savings

Six Sigma Black Belt

The Black Belt Accelerated will gain knowledge of Lean Enterprise concepts and will be
able to identify non – value added elements and activities

Other Courses

Statistical Analysis, Quality Function Deployment, Lean Enterprise Service Manufacturing, Root Cause Analysis

{ Certified CPR / First Aid / Advanced First Aid / Life Support / Emergency Responder }

CPRFirst Aid

First aid is the provision of initial care for an illness or injury. It is usually performed by non – experts (or sometimes by an expert in case of an emergency), but trained personnel to a sick or injured person until definitive medical treatment can be accessed. Certain self – limiting illnesses or minor injuries may not require further medical care past the first aid intervention. It generally consists of a series of simple and in some cases, potentially life – saving techniques that an individual can be trained to perform with minimal equipment.
Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is an emergency procedure performed in an effort to manually preserve intact brain function until further measures are taken to restore spontaneous blood circulation and breathing in a person who is in cardiac arrest. It is indicated in those who are unresponsive with no breathing or abnormal breathing.

Certified CPR & First Aid Training Program

We will show you how to perform the life saving techniques of CPR & First Aid. At the end of the training, a certificate will be issued to those who have completed the training. We also conduct advance training program such as First Responder Life Support. We provide CPR & First Aid training for individuals, families and also for private setups and companies.

{ Corporate & Hotel Grooming Training Malaysia }


Grooming Training Malaysia’s number 1 and largest image consultancy. We are a full – service consulting firm, specializing in helping clients develop a strong first impression and brand identity, through wardrobe and image development, communication, etiquette and protocol skills. To date, we have trained over 60,000 individuals in corporations, large and small. With over hundreds of experiences in our range, we are passionate about living our mission in inspiring individuals to attain higher level of self achievement through cutting edge image & skills training. Grooming Training Malaysia is registered with Ministry of Finance (MOF), Human Resource Development Berhad (HRDB) and Ministry of Human Resource (MOHR) as a training provider.

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We have been interviewed and quoted on major networks, including NTV7, Astro, RTM 1 & RTM 2, The Star, News Straits Times, , and other print outlets have turned to us for our image expertise.

Does your image communicate your personal and professional best? No matter who you are or what you do, the way you dress and present yourself has a major impact on your success. Competition is fierce and your image can be an asset or a hindrance. To be truly in control of your life and career, you need to take your image seriously and do what you can to make it work for you. This unique program combines the essential nature of both style and substance that will help you convey credibility, confidence and competence in all business situations! The fact is that “We Cannot Not Communicate and We Are What We Do and What We Wear”.

Image Grooming / Make – up Training


Corporate BrandImage Training
Business Etiquette & Social Skills
Building Brand Ambassadors
Customer Engagement


Personal Consultation
Graduate Work Readiness Programmes


Associate Image Consultant (AIC)
Certified Image Consultant (CIC)
Certified BrandImage Professional (CBIP)